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Board of Governors (BoG) 2022

  • Denny Dean
  • Brittany O'Neill
  • Wendy Caron
  • Nichole Danis
  • Bryce Pratt
  • Marc Cotnoir
  • Kevin Mahan

  • A QVMS BoG Member can also be reached at qvmulti@gmail.com


  • President: Denny Dean
  • Vice President: Brittany O'Neill
  • Treasurer: Wendy Caron
  • Legal/Accounting: Denny Dean/Marc Cotnoir
  • Sponsor Relations: Wendy Caron
  • Media Relations: Kevin Mahan
  • Event Planning: BoG
  • Kits: Daniel Bove
  • Website: Bryce Pratt/Paul Humphreys
  • Membership: Christan Smutnick
  • Membership Communication: Denny Dean

Open Water Swim Safety

Swimming in open water, with or without a wetsuit, can be a great experience but should always be done with safety in mind. Swimming safely in open water will give you peace of mind, making your hobby even more enjoyable. During triathlon events, there are usually many lifeguards and safety boats in the water, making the event pretty secure. Still, water is water, and swimming in open water is something that should be done with a little planning and caution. Swimming in a bunch of weeds, or near motorized boats, can introduce risks that you don’t need to have. Not to mention that if you were to have a dreaded cardiac or another health event in the water, it is not like running where you can just take a knee and attend to your health. Triathlons tend to be safe events to participate in, but when there is a problem it often comes in the swim leg. For those who are swimming in open water on their own, practicing for a race or simply doing it for the exercise, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure it is a safe experience.


QVMS's Bylaws help you understand how we, as a club, operate and how you can affect change in the club. It also lists rules that we expect members to follow to ensure that we remain a positive influence on the communities that we aim to help/support. Please read it and if there are any items in the Bylaws that you have questions about, feel free to bring them up to one of the members of the BoG.

QVMS Constitution/Bylaws